Do business owners really want teamwork?

Most business owners talk in favour of teamwork. They all want the team members to do their best to help each other so that the organisation as a team wins. Always! Nothing wrong in this expectation. In fact its a great thought and approach.

However, the business owners normally fail to demonstrate their faith in teamwork in the systems and processes they follow. Strangely, we tend to find that the organisation processes are normally designed to THROTTLE teamwork instead of supporting it! Some common examples of this conflicting approach can be seen when individual performances are measured, compared and rewarded in various ways. Some companies also have this practice of weeding out non-top performers every year - which means a top performer retained any year may not get selected in the top performing bracket in the following year and runs the risk of being screened out too.

Should we expect the team members to support one another in the above conditions and enhance their risk of getting screened out or lose out on rewards? The answer is a resounding NO!

The solution is simple. If you want teamwork in your business, facilitate teamwork, measure teamwork outcomes and reward teams! One may argue that team rewards promote mediocrity. But what matters more to a business - Individual brilliance, sporadic performance for personal gains, and total dependence on a few individuals and increasing business risks, or, consistent performance by a team of people who enjoy working together and supporting each other for common good and minimize business risks?

Business owners must make their choice wisely.


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