Getting the best from Training Programs

Training is an activity that is coordinated by HR cell in organisations. Training programs across businesses in Kolkata and around have started growing in numbers gradually in the past few years. But most such training fail to add value to the organisation.

Outbound training is normally being used to reward the participants by providing them the opportunity of going out on a paid sightseeing in the name of developing skills / knowledge. I say this because I haven't seen a post-training process or effort that supports the application of skills and knowledge gathered in the training. The high motivation carried back to work by participants gradually fade off when they do not find any structure or encouragement for utilizing the lessons they had learnt.

In-house training outcomes have been more meaningful as they are normally used to deliver specific knowledge or inputs that participants need to do their jobs better. And they are able to relate to the training purpose better. However, the lack of structured support or encouragement for implementing learnt ideas do have an impact here too. In absence of this only the participants with inner desire or self-drive make some effort to implement their learning.

KPIs used for measuring training performance also has a negative influence on training. KPIs such as 'Hours of training' in a year by any person does not ensure any seriousness in the participants to apply learning. Everyone tries to comply with the stated procedures only and not get noticed as non-compliant. Ultimately, Training is considered a necessary evil to show to the world that WE ALSO CARE FOR OUR EMPLOYEES. Businesses are eventually losing out on the potential business gains from training in general.

I feel to get the best out of training, we should use it with caution and with a long-term perspective. Generally, it shouldn't be a one off exercise. Training objective and the changes that we expect post-training for the participants and / or the organisation and after how much time must be defined before we work on the design and content. The training faculty or trainer, participants and the requisitioning authorities need to work together to come up with the right training design. The training design should indicate the follow up approach post training delivery. Measure of training success or KPIs should consider the achievement of the change objectives instead of 'hours of training attended'.

I am sure these steps towards an improved training process can enhance the respect employers and employees have in Training or Training Managers.


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