Learning interest of a Leader fuels enduring organisation growth

Learning happens from within. We set ourselves a learning goal for achieving certain advancements in career or business. Once this learning goal is fulfilled successfully, a leader is not expected to stop. A leader must continue with the same zeal as before and set new learning goals for scaling newer heights. In doing so a leader not only uncovers new opportunities that help an organization to look ahead, but also sets higher standards of expectations from the members of the organization. This impacts the learning practices in an organization and thus the culture.

The systems in an organization (L&D / HRD) can facilitate and encourage the learning behavior of the people. As the outcome of the learning is owned by the learners, they feel stronger, empowered, confident and involved. This has a remarkable impact on the commitment level of the learners as members of the organization. We find the people in such organizations to be more energetic, positive and contributing. These are signs of a healthy organization that can attract and retain talent.  

It is up to the leader to set the tone for the way an organization will live. The way he moulds himself and set an example for the organization, in the similar way the organization would be formed. A leader must understand that his purpose is to serve and lead his team and not dominate them. His aim should not be to make wealth only for himself but to see that the profit is generated and is being distributed in his team. This is return makes the team members too to be more committed towards their work and organization.

If the purpose of the organization is growth, then the growth should be both in the terms of knowledge and money. The different levels in the organization define varied interests and expectations. As a leader one must be sure to pass on his knowledge and wisdom to his team members, so that they are able to acquire it and use it accordingly to generate the profit.


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