How to Implement Change Successfully

Business organisations, Leaders and Managers are rarely short of improvement or change ideas that many times look very promising. However, it is probably equally rare to see these ideas get implemented successfully! Then are the ideas inappropriate, or the decision-makers not interested in improving things, or the people do not want it, or something else that resists implementation success?

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There are scores of material available today on what ensures implementation success. So I need not repeat them anymore. I also feel most Leaders and Managers are aware of these essentials too. What I see most Managers miss out on is an approach to involve the target group in the implementation process! Its normally a top down given to you implementation job that smacks of imposition and demonstration of authority or power by the higher ups in the hierarchy. The people who are expected to implement and benefit from the improvements are made to detest and resist the change. So invariably the change effort fails without any visible trace of non-cooperation or resistance by the people. Managers are unable to notice this as they are busy protecting their own interests by hoarding information (knowledge) and excluding their teams from the process. 

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Presuming that the authorities understand the essentials of effective implementation, they must involve the teams right from the start of a change / improvement implementation journey. Which means they should discuss / interact with teams from the conceptualization  or preparatory stages. This way, the teams not only get the perspective of change right but also contribute to the development of more powerful solutions. They also feel accountable to make their efforts fruitful and tend to own the approach as they create the solutions. As a result, we have teams who are keen to implement the solutions and chances of implementation success goes up! This simple inclusive approach in my consulting assignments has been possibly the strongest reason of implementation success.

I am sure you too can experience much higher implementation success now!


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