Time Management: How to Stay on Top of your Tasks

Do you
  • Have a continuously changing ‘To do list’ and updating it takes lot of time and you miss out on important actions several times?
  • Find it difficult to track progress of tasks that you had assigned to your Leaders and Managers?
  • Miss reviews with your team members for updates on the assigned tasks because of lack of time?
  • Find different team leaders arguing or blaming one another for delay in responses, task updates or decisions that affects their team output or achievement
  • Find it very tedious to go over the flood of sms and whatsapp messages from all your team members and spot the ones that may need your attention for any action / decision?

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If you think you are losing out on revenues and profits because of the above then you are damn right and you aren't alone! Most business managers and small business owners are familiar with these challenges and are unable to resolve them appropriately despite all the software tools that are now easily available free or at nominal costs.

Some common tools that many (including yours truly) managers try are MS Outlook, Onedrive, Dropbox, Slack etc. I use Microsoft outlook and its an excellent tool that lets you organize your emails, schedules, reminders and tasks. The task manager looks handy to maintain and share a to-do list too. However, if I try to use the task manager to share the updates with my clients or others connected, it isn't effective! Why? simply because some of my targets do not use MS Outlook! Small business owners face the same issues because rarely do they have the licenses for common use of Outlook in their businesses. And as introducing it would call for some spending of money and effort, its withheld. 

Onedrive and Dropbox have similar features - one can share spreadsheets with different users through the free Dropbox or Onedrive versions. The catch here is that these tools only allow sharing and updating spreadsheets, but spreadsheets become cumbersome for updating tasks more than 2 or 3 times. So the resolution of our challenges remain incomplete. 

Slack is a nice tool, is very popular with the bigger companies but probably not meant for basic users or small organisations. It is not free and one needs to learn to use it as it is not too simplistic. The cost and complexity together make this tool unacceptable to smaller businesses.

The challenges looked unwieldy to me too till I switched to Karma Axis few months ago. Now I recommend this to my clients and also help them implement it too. 

Karma lets you record, track, communicate or consult using a desktop or a laptop or a mobile on the go! It can even help you do more and offers some key analytics for making decisions! The biggest advantage with this tool is that it will allow you to configure it the way it suits your functioning. The system actually can grow with your use to facilitate change in culture, improvement in internal communication and ultimately business performance and employee morale.

Its time that you switched to Karma Axis and moved your business to the next level!


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